The list of activities one can participate in to immerse and engage in the local culture, community, and environment is almost endless.

Below are the top ways in which you can get local whilst visiting and/or staying in Milne Bay Province. These experiences can be mixed and matched to suit the kind of traveler you are and what activities you'd like to get the most of.


Photo Credit: PNG Journeys - Conflict Islands

Explore Our Natural Wonders

Reconnect with untouched, pristine natural wonders and scenic landscapes across Milne Bay Province that will no doubt leave a lasting memory of your time here with us.


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Volunteer in Paradise

You can be a voluntourist and stay with us a little longer. Milne Bay is an amazing place to volunteer, especially if you are a culture, language and nature lover.


Photo Credit: PNG Tourism Promotion Authority

Traditional Craft Markets

Delve into the local culture and community through traditional handicrafts and artifacts. You can pay a visit to your nearest local arts & crafts market today.


Photo Credit: Britanica

Experience Our Culture

Immerse yourself in our culture and heritage, see the world through different eyes. Engage with locals through culture and tradition for new experiences  and unique vibes!


Photo Credit: MV True North #PNGCruise

Enjoy Local Tours

Experience your favorite destination on a half-day or full-day tour with a local tour operator. An array of diverse tours and local experiences are available for you! 


Photo Credit: Masurina Lodge Facebook

Eat With Us

Food is an incredible medium to connect with the local community and culture. Savor some of Milne Bay's mouth-watering local food and cuisine!