With four unique major island groups, various marine protected waters, and over a dozen islands, there's no shortage of iconic attractions to visit and explore.

Our iconic attractions span from our cultural activities and natural wonders, to destinations and historical monuments, all of which represent the magic you'll find in Milne Bay.

Our cultural identity is a big part of who we are, and as such, you will find it represents an important attraction our tourism ecosystem has to offer. We pride ourselves in who we are, and welcome you to share in our rich culture, traditions, and history, both traditional and that of the outside world.


Photo Credit: PNG Journeys - Kwato Island Church

Historical Buildings, Monuments and Relics

Milne Bay is home to some of the oldest historical churches in Papua New Guinea, dating all the way back to the early 1900s. You can explore a list of these iconic churches here.


Photo Credit: David Kirkland - Milne Bay Tourism Bureau - PNG Tourism Promotion Authority


Our culture and traditions are at the center of our everyday lives, from the way we lead to the organisation of our communities and the sharing of our sacred traditions and generational practices.

You can learn a lot by interacting with our local people. In general, you will find that the people of Milne Bay are very friendly, down to earth, communicate mostly in english, and love to chew betelnut - a local nutty fruit commonly grown and consumed here in Papua New Guinea.

Our Cultural Events & Festivals are the major attractions in the province, that sees tourists flocking in the thousands annually.


Photo Credit: Rob Jeff - South Passage, Misima

Natural Bio-Diversity and Marine Life

Milne Bay is home to an abundant and diverse array of natural wildlife and marine ecosystems. Our coral reefs and complex marine life are part of The Coral Triangle and have also been designated as Hope Spots.

From magnificent diving spots to beautiful coral reefs that line our islands, the site of such attractions will leave you breathless.


Photo Credit: Unknown - Tawali Dive Resort


Milne Bay is home to some of the best exotic islands and tropical getaways. Our Destinations offer tourists an opportunity to explore the best sites, locations and island attractions you'll find nowhere else in the world but here.