Explore our top list of natural wonders, from land to sea. Milne Bay is a spectacular maritime province that is home to numerous unique and diverse natural wonders.

Milne Bay is abundant in a diverse range of marine and wildlife. From diving activities that bring you close to the marine wonders and action, to island hopping adventures that delight you with some of Milne Bay's spectacular scenic spots and treasures, the magic in our home never gets old.

Prepare to adventure and explore our scenic delights and natural wonders.


Photo Credit: Jayne Jenkins - MV Oceania

Diverse Marine Species

Experience an underwater heaven like no place on Earth with our diverse native species and amazing marine biodiversity. Milne Bay is home to some of the worlds rarest, most unique and soon-to-be-extinct marine life. Get a glimpse of our piece of underwater heaven.


Photo Credit: Unknown - Deidei Hotsprings

Geothermal Hot Springs

Milne Bay is home to various geothermal hot springs located throughout its magnificent islands. The most common hotspring is is the Deidei Hotsprings located on Dobu Island.


Photo Credit: Mission Blue - Hope Spots 

Coral Reefs

Discover and explore unique coral reef structures in Milne Bay's pristine and clear-blue waters located throughout its many islands. Mission is one of the few organisations leading the fight to protect and preserve our marine waters and coral life.

You can also visit, explore and learn more about our Hope Spots and protected marine waters that make up The Coral Triangle.