Let us introduce you to the unique experiences only Milne Bay can offer, as you explore our top-rated, must-do activities.

We've curated The Top List of Activities every tourist must try out when visiting Milne Bay Province. From exploring our natural wildlife and bio-diversity, to connecting with our culture and historical past, these activities are bound to introduce you to the magic of Milne Bay.


Photo Credit: Rob Jeff - Punawan, Misima

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Milne Bay has some of the most diverse marine life in the world. Its reefs are characterized by dramatic drop-offs, clefts, and overhangs which make for an incredible dive even for most inexperienced scuba divers. Experience our pristine underwater world soon! 


Photo Credit: eBird

Bird Watching

Birdlife throughout Papua New Guinea is prolific. The most famous bird species in PNG is the Bird of Paradise. There are 43 known species of Bird of Paradise in the world, and 38 are found in PNG. Milne Bay Province has six (6) endemic species of birds, including Goldie's Bird of Paradise, and is popular with bird watchers. 


Photo Credit: Timo Dersch


Papua New Guinea has several of the deepest cave systems in the world. Fresh water caves are found all over Milne Bay. However, the most well-known caves are located in the Trobriand Islands near Mwatawa Village.


Photo Credit: David May - Escape (www.escape.com.au)

Historical WWII Tours

Milne Bay Province was the site of the decisive Battle of Milne Bay during World War Two (WW2). Today tourists from all over the world visit the province to trace the footsteps of these heroic men and women. 


Photo Credit: Malum Nalu - Tapioca Dance

Cultural Tours

Milne Bay’s cultures are diverse. Tourists can choose whether they want to watch suggestive festive dances or war dances that taunt rival clans into battle.


Photo Credit: Aaron Chin

Island Hopping

With over 160 islands, 500 cays and atolls scattered over 250,000 square kilometers of ocean, island hopping is one of the top things to do by local and international tourists.


Photo Credit: Navy Daily - Royal Australian Navy

Trekking & Hiking

From the Owen Stanley mountain ranges to Goodenough Island’s Mt Madawa'a, Milne Bay has a variety of spots for those wanting to stroll under large rainforest canopies or hike up the sides of steep mountain slopes with amazing views.