The Louisiade Archipelago is a string of ten larger volcanic islands frequently fringed by coral reefs, and 90 smaller coral islands.

The Louisiade Archipelago is comprised of five main island groups that contain over 300 islands - Misima Island, Deboyne Island, Yela (Rossel) Island and Tagula (Sudest) Island, and Bwanabwana Group in the west.

The archipelago spans Logea, Kwato, and Samarai islands in the west all the way to Sudest (Tagula) Island in the east, with Conflict Islands, Misima Island, and many others in between. Some 50,000 indigenous people live in these islands.

These amazing islands are home to some interesting natural wonders and provide unique experiences and adventures for every family and individual. The area hosts a growing number of maritime and coastal tourism activities.


Photo Credit: Mission Blue - Hope Spot, Conflict Islands

Hope Spot

The Conflict Islands Hope Spot is an isolated ring of 21 individual islands in the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea. The reefs of the Conflict Islands hold more than half the world’s coral species, and provide habitat for hammerheads and several other shark species.

This new Hope Spot is also an important nesting location for critically endangered hawksbill turtles and endangered green sea turtles. For more information, visit Mission Blue.


Photo Credit: Tracy Sia @ PNG Journeys

Conflict Islands

 The Conflict Group is an atoll part of the Louisiade Archipelago Islands Cluster. The group was sighted in 1879 by HMS Cormorant, by moonlight; it was named in 1880 by Bower, captain of HMS Conflict. Irai Island is the center of population of the group. The small Panasesa Island has an eco resort with a small staff.



Photo Credit: Rob Jeff - Cruising the Edge

Misima Island

Misima (formerly called St. Aignan) is a volcanic island in the northwest of Louisiade Archipelago. The island is within the Samarai Murua District. 

Misima is located some 20 km north of the northwest extreme of the barrier reef of Vanatinai at Isu Raua Raua Island, and 80 km northwest of Vanatinai Island itself. The Island is mountainous and densely forested. Mt. Koia Tau, at a height of 1,036 meters, is the highest peak of the Louisiade Archipelago.


Photo Credit: Ocean Alliance

Deboyne Island

The Deboyne Islands are an atoll, composed of a group of reefs and islands in the north of the Louisiade Archipelago.

Islands in the Deboyne Islands include Panaeati (the northernmost), Panapompom, Nivani, Pana Uya Wana, Rara, Losai, Nibub and Passage Island.


Photo Credit: Pelagic Dive Travel

Samarai Island

Samarai is an island and former administrative capital in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea.

The island is historically significant as the site of a trading port and stop-over between Australia and East Asia. Samarai town was established on the island and at its height was the second largest after Port Moresby in the Territory of Papua.