450-square-kilometre archipelago of coral atolls and reefs stretching the Trobriand Island Cluster. 

The Trobriand Islands is home to four main islands - Kitava, Kiriwina, Kaileuna and Vakuta Islands.


Photo Credit: Thomas Haupt / Kitava Island

Kitava Island

Kitava is one of the four major islands in the Trobriand Islands archipelago group of the Solomon Sea.

The inhabitants of this island and their lifestyle and nearly exclusively plant-based diet have been the subject of study by researcher Staffan Lindeberg and his colleagues, due to their reported excellent health and traditional diet.

Kitava is well known as a great cruise destination in Milne Bay and receives over 5,000 visitors annually. You can find a list of ideal spots on the island to visit, including activities to participate in. 


Photo Credit: Thomas Haupt / Kiriwina Island

Kiriwina Island

Kiriwina is the largest of the Trobriand Islands - its main town is Losuia. The Kilivila language, also known as Kiriwina, is spoken on the island. The island falls under the administrative division of Kiriwina Rural LLG.

Kiriwina Island holds a piece of WWII History - Operation Chronicle was the name given to the landing of Allied forces on Kiriwina and Woodlark Island on June 30, 1943, during World War II. Following the landing U.S. Army Engineers supervised construction of Kiriwina Airfield (now know as the Losuia Airport), including a 2,000 metre (6,000 ft) coral-surfaced runway.