The Woodlark Islands share a home in the Coral Triangle - For more information, check out the work of the Coral Sea Foundation.

Woodlark Island often refers to two major islands - Woodlark Island and Madau Island, with smaller associated islands including the famed Budi Budi Atoll (Laughlan Islands), the remotest islands in Milne Bay Province, almost 80 kilometres east of Woodlark Island in the Solomon Sea. These islands are home to some amazing natural wonders and cultural experiences in the province. 

Ebony wood, used in carvings mainly from the Trobriand Islands, is sourced from Woodlark Island. The island also hosts various minerals and was an important base during WWII.


Photo Credit: Tim Grice - Muyua Island, Woodlark


Woodlark Island, known to its inhabitants simply as Woodlark or Muyua, is the main island of the Woodlark Islands archipelago. The wider Woodlark Islands group also consists of Madau and Nusam to the west, Nubara to the east, and the Marshall Bennett group to the southwest.


Photo Credit: Coral Sea Foundation - Barrier Reefs

Coral Triangle

Milne Bay Province harbors one of the most environmentally pristine areas of coral reefs remaining in the Coral Triangle -  A bioregion that’s half the size of the United States, passes through six countries (the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands and East Timor), and harbours more marine species than anywhere else on the planet.

There are single reefs in the Coral Triangle that contain more species than the entire Caribbean. When it comes to abundance and sheer scale, nowhere else comes close to the Coral Triangle.