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The Milne Bay Tourism Bureau (MBTB) was first established in 1988 to facilitate tourism development and promotion for Milne Bay Province (MBP). In 2001, the Milne Bay Tourism Bureau Board and the current version of the MBTB were established by law under the Milne Bay Tourism Act (2001). 

The MBTB is tasked with developing and managing the provincial tourism industry and is supported by an annual operational grant from the Milne Bay Provincial Government (MBPG). The MBTB is located in Alotau town in the Media Centre Building and currently has four (4) staff and one (1) JICA volunteer. 



Under Section 6 of the Milne Bay Tourism Bureau Act 2001;

The functions of the Bureau are, in accordance with any directives of the Provincial Executive Council through the Board on development objectives and policies:

  1. To institutionalize the sustainable development of a customized nature-based tourism policy in Milne Bay Province.
  2. To carry out research and provide information on mutually beneficial tourism opportunities in the Province to individuals, tour agents, potential investors including resource owners, at all levels.
  3. To encourage and facilitate tourism activities in the Province by assisting citizen and foreign participants to obtain all necessary licenses, compliances, and approvals.
  4. To regulate and monitor all tourism related activities including the identification of constraints to the tourism sector development and to provide appropriate remedial measures to address those areas of concern.
  5. To advise the Chairman (Tourism) through the Board on policy issues which relate to the Milne Bay Tourism Bureau Act 2001 (MBTB Act 2001).
  6. To maintain an accurate information database on the profile of Milne Bay including tourism resource inventory, socio-economic and environmental conditions, and infrastructure.
  7. To facilitate citizen participation in tourism sector development and in the ownership of various associated activities in Milne Bay.
  8. To carry out such functions as are given to the Bureau by the MBTB Act 2001 or by any other law; and
  9. To foster good working relationships with all special interest community groups.
  10. To advise Local Level government in the making of laws on tourist facilities and services as in the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments 1995 Section 44 (1.9).
  11. Generally, to do such supplementary, incidental or consequential acts and processes as are necessary or convenient for the purposes of carrying out its functions



“Milne Bay Province as a premier vibrant, sustainable, accessible, and community-driven ecotourism hub in PNG and the Asia-Pacific region.”

To develop Milne Bay Province as a premier national and global ecotourism destination providing a unique and memorable tropical and cultural experience to visitors while enhancing the economic well-being of local communities, protecting the environment and securing the natural and cultural values. And a place where ecotourism is viewed as a tool for sustainable development of the province and country.



"A functioning tourism authority that develops, promotes, protects, and manages the Milne Bay tourism industry, in collaboration with tourism-ready communities and businesses."


Milne Bay Tourism Bureau Board

Hon. Ricky Morris (President - Suau RLLG) is the Chairman for Commerce, Mines, Energy, Tourism, and Environment in the Provincial Executive Council (PEC) .

Mr. Joseph Chow (MBE) - Chairman.
Mr. David Conn (MBE) - Deputy Chairman.
Mr. Ashan Numa - Milne Bay Provincial Administrator.
Ms. Sharon Mua (Deputy Administrator, MBP) and Mr. Michael Viula (Deputy Administrator, MBP) are ex-officio Board Members representing PA Numa.
Mrs. Genevieve Igara-Falevai - Milne Bay Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
Mr. Jack Purai - Guest Houses & Lodges.
Mr. Ben Mwagwaya - Kiriwina Tourism Coordinator. 
Ms. Patricia Sinyoi - Esa'ala District Tourism Initiative Coordinator. 
Mr. Lloyd Maibani - Principal Advisor, Assets & Revenue (MBPG). 
Mr. Sedrick Noel - Principal Advisor, Commerce, Mines, Energy, Tourism, and Environment (MBPG).
Ms. Lulu Osembo - MBPG Dept of Environment & Conservation. 


Meet our vibrant team continuously building and shaping tourism in Magical Milne Bay!

Manager / Executive Director

Mr. Sioni Sioni - Manager and Executive Director, Milne Bay Tourism Bureau

Mr. Sioni Sioni

Email: sioni@milnebay.travel

Mr. Sioni was appointed on 4 December 2017. He manages the Bureau including all its operations, and reports to the Milne Bay Tourism Bureau Board. His tasks include policy, outreach, operations, new directions, and fostering alliances for the Bureau, and is a current active member of Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) Board. He is also a member of the Milne Bay Provincial Management Team (PMT). 

Senior Tourism Officer

Ms. Imelda Yabara - Senior Tourism Officer, Milne Bay Tourism Bureau

Ms. Imelda Yabara

Email: imelda@milnebay.travel

Ms. Yabara was employed on 11 February 2019 and is responsible for overseeing the front-office operations of the Bureau, staff supervision, process and/or systems improvement for tourism, cruise ship support, and client liaison. In addition, Ms. Yabara also assists the Manager / Executive Director in large projects and programs undertaken by the Bureau, and participates in outreach programs including promotional and marketing events.

Product Development Officer

Mr. Modakula Kunuyobu - Product Development Officer, Milne Bay Tourism Bureau

Mr. Modakula Kunuyobu

Email: moda@milnebay.travel

Mr. Kunuyobu has been engaged with the Bureau for over 3 years. Mr. Kunuyobu oversees all product development programs, projects, and activities within the Bureau, and on some occasions with the Bureau's partners and affiliates. In addition, Mr. Kunuyobu regularly attends to public and stakeholder inquiries on local tourism matters, seeks and encourages partnerships in the development of new tourism-related products, and the appraisal and development of ecotourism sites and attractions. He represents the Bureau in certain events and meetings and assists with festivals and a host of other tourism-related work. 

Admin Officer

Ms. Mimosa Mark - Admin Officer, Milne Bay Tourism Bureau

Ms. Mimosa Mark

Email: mimosa@milnebay.travel

Ms. Mark started with the Bureau on 20 June 2018 and oversees all administrative and financial matters. In addition, she assists with the day-to-day operations of the Bureau in Alotau, including a host of other administrative-related responsibilities such as bookkeeping, records, correspondence, HR, client liaison, and is our resident expert on Accommodation Accreditation (with PNGTPA). Ms. Mark regularly contributes to marketing and promotional activities where required, public outreach, and office/operational work.