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MBTA Past and Present Executive Members
Past and Present MBTA Executives


The Milne Bay Tourism Association (MBTA) was established on 8 April 2016 in an effort to unite the tourism industry and lobby local government to shape policies and create an environment that helps its members to network and be better informed, in order to contribute more effectively towards the development of the tourism industry in Milne Bay Province.

The founding executives include Mr. Jeff Abel (Masurina Lodge), Mr. Chris Galatis (formerly of Alotau International Hotel), Ms. Maxine Nadile (Egwalau Tours & Events), Ms. Rhona Conn (Milne Bay Organics), Ms. Vilia Lawrence (PNG Divers Association), and Mr. Armando Agusto (formerly of Tawali Leisure and Dive Resort). 

The MBTA generates income from membership fees which are used solely for the purpose of the association’s administrative operations. Funding and sponsorship for specific projects are sourced externally as and when the need arises.

The MBTA is a non-profit industry association for representation and advocacy of tourism stakeholders that will complement the MBTB, which is a government agency, under the provincial tourism development model.

The MBTA was revitalized in August 2020 with the election of new executives and renewed partnerships with MBTB to drive the industry forward in a proactive and collaborative manner.


Current Executives

Mr. David Conn (MBE)
Mrs. Gillian Torie-Cholai
Vice President
Ms. Maleta Tokwakwasi
Mrs. Roslyn Koisen
Mr. Noah Taugaloidi
Advisory Member
Mr. Jeff Evennett
Advisory Member


Mission Statement

The MBTA represents the interests of the tourism sector and related services, within Milne Bay Province and aims to promote Milne Bay’s diverse cultures and nature-based products and attractions. The MBTA strives to achieve this by fostering awareness and understanding through cooperation and partnerships, both in the province and beyond for the sustainable growth of the industry.



  • Represent the collective interests of members by advocating for or against issues affecting the sound development of the tourism sector;
  • Take concerted action as one body in any manner affecting the interests of members and/or prepare submissions to or for presentation before any tribunal, body, department or government;
  • Raise awareness and foster better understanding of the value of tourism to local communities and the Milne Bay Province;
  • Encourage the sustainable growth of tourism products whilst respecting the rights of traditional resource owners;
  • Encourage the responsible use of natural resources and the environment with a view to their preservation;
  • Encourage a cooperative approach to enhance opportunities for progress;
  • Provide networking and marketing opportunities for Members to stimulate and promote tourism to and within Milne Bay;
  • Develop a database of tourism products in the province.


Contact Details


+675 7339 4580


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Postal Address

PO Box 225, ALOTAU 211,
Milne Bay Province, PNG

MBTA Information Pack

You can download the MBTA Info Pack here.