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The Kiriwina-Goodenough District consists of the Trobriand Islands and Goodenough Island, with headquarters at Losuia Station and a total population of about 65,000 people. 

The Trobriand Islands which make up half of the district has a unique culture that has been documented internationally for years by famous researchers like Malinowski. If you are looking for cultural experience there is no other place to visit. Home to the iconic Milamala Festival, the Trobriand Islands (also known as the "Islands of Love") have everything a visitor could hope for. The very unique cultures of the people, beautiful islands and beaches, and the smiling faces and enthusiastic energy of Trobriand Islanders will enthrall you. 

These amazing islands consisting of coral atolls cover an area of 450 square kilometres in the Solomon Sea, with a population of over 12,000 people. The main center of the Trobriand Islands is Losuia Station, situated on the main island of Kiriwina, with an airport that has direct flights to Alotau and Port Moresby via PNG Air. 

The main islands of the Trobriand Islands include: Kiriwina Island, Kaileuna Island, Vakuta Island, Kaduaga Island, and Kitava Island. The mysterious Tuma Island (Island of the Dead) is located northwest of Kiriwina Island. Cruise ships currently visit Kaibola on Kiriwina Island and also Kitava Island. 

Goodenough Island was the site for a Japanese base during World War 2 and unlike its fellow Trobriand Islands, is a virtually unexplored part of Milne Bay Province. Vivigani Airstrip is one of the relics from WW2, and the tarmac is still usable for small aircraft. It is perfect for the visitor who would like to visit an area which is still largely untouched by the outside world. The total population is about 53,000 people. 

Goodenough Island boasts Mount Madawa'a, a favorite for mountain climbers, and some of the oldest metamorphic rocks in Papua New Guinea are found here. It is also home to amazing indigenous cultures and some endemic species of flora and fauna. The highest peak in the D'Entrecasteaux Islands is the 2,536-meter Mount Vineuo on Goodenough Island, also believed to be the highest mountain in the world for an island of this size. The islands are volcanic and there are active geothermal fields as well. Goodenough Island offers good bird watching with a rare species of Bird of Paradise and the Curl Crested Manucode.

Bolubolu Station is the main center on Goodenough Island and is accessible by sea. 

Popular Destinations

District: Kiriwina-Goodenough

Popular Destinations - Trobriand Island Source: Modakula Kunuyobu - MBTB

Trobriand Islands

Popular Destinations

The Trobriand Islands is a small archipelago in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. The unique and colourful culture of the Trobriand Islanders, including their famous system of cultural exchange called the Kula Ring, was studied extensively by Bronisław Malinowski in the early 20th century. His work also led to the islands being nicknamed as the "Islands of Love". 

Popular Destinations - Nuratu, Kitava Island Source: Marco Eremas

Nuratu Island

Popular Destinations

Nuratu Island is perfectly situated off the northeast coast of Kitava Island in the Trobriand Islands. It is one of the islands most preferred by Cruise Ship companies all over the world. It offers also amazing snorkeling, picnic, and swimming sites. 

Popular Destinations - Sia, Kaibola Beach Source: Sociden Geori

Sia, Kaibola Beach

Popular Destinations

Kaibola Beach is situated on the north coast of Kiriwina Island, the main administrative centre of the Trobriand Islands. It is one of the most visited places in Milne Bay Province, frequented by cruise ship tourists, maritime tour operators, and other travellers.

Popular Destinations - Kitava Island Source: Marco Eremas

Kitava Island

Popular Destinations

Kitava island has a cruise ship jetty, like Kaibola Island, and is a cruise destination with a high visitation rate in Milne Bay Province from maritime tourists and operators. Kitava is one of the best destinations for leisure and holidays.

Popular Destinations - Ikasi Beach- Mwatawa Source: Modakula Kunuyobu - MBTB

Ikasi Beach, Mwatawa

Popular Destinations

Ikasi Beach is gaining popularity for picnic goers. It is located at Mwatawa Village in the north-west of Kiriwina Island. Cruise ship tourists come from Kaibola to Ikasi Beach to enjoy snorkelling, spearfishing, sailing on traditional canoes, or just to hear the legends of the early settlers of Trobriand Island.

Popular Destinations - Mweuya Beach Source: Modakula Kunuyobu - MBTB

Mweuya Beach

Popular Destinations

Mweuya Beach is situated in the south of Kiriwina Island. It is the closest beach for travel to and from Kitava Island by dinghies and sailing canoes. Most tourists visit Mweuya Beach for leisure, retreats, and camping.

Top Activities

District: Kiriwina-Goodenough

Top Activities - Religious Ceremonies Source: Max

Religious Ceremonies

Top Activities

In the Trobriand Islands, there are dates/years marked in the church calendar to close church circuits or to anoint a new Pastor or Church Minister. Most of the time, festivities occur around new church openings. All church denominations have their own way of celebrating these special events. All parties and various villages come with food and other contributions to feast and exchange with one another. Even though the festivities are based around Christian principles and guidelines, people still enjoy the festivities. Be sure to know when the events are happening and don't miss out! 

Top Activities - Crabbing Source: Modakula Kunuyobu - MBTB


Top Activities

In the south of Kiriwina Island in the Trobriand Islands, especially in the villages of Okupukopu, Obulaku, Wawela, and down towards Gilabwa, the people practice crabbing as a way of life and sustenance. They use various techniques to lure and catch crabs. Crabbing became a popular activity when tourists started being taken to show how it is done. If you stick around long enough, you may also enjoy delicious crab cooked the island way! 

Top Activities - Traditional Canoe Sailing Source: Modakula Kunuyobu - MBTB

Traditional Canoe Sailing

Top Activities

The Trobriand Islands, like many other island communities, has a culture of sailing canoes and the inherited skills of crafting them and the associated sailing knowledge and techniques. Canoeing is still a great activity on the island. Visitors get to sail with locals and enjoy the fun - a favorite and unique experience for all involved. This is located in the south of Kiriwina Island, in a place called Obulaku Village.

Iconic Attractions

District: Kiriwina-Goodenough

Iconic Attractions - Trobriand Long Yam Source: Modakula Kunuyobu - MBTB

Trobriand Long Yam

Iconic Attractions

The Trobriand Long Yam is a highly valued crop in the Trobriand Islands. The cultivation of this amazing crop involves the use of magical spells and powers. Locals debate and compete among themselves as to who will grow the longest yam of the season. It also encourages jealousy in the community and often times someone has to face the curse for growing the longest yam. The yam is ceremonially ornamented and honourably presented to the chiefs or elders of the tribe.

Iconic Attractions - Trobriand Yam Yield Source: Modakula Kunuyobu - MBTB

Trobriand Yam Harvest

Iconic Attractions

The harvesting of yams in the Trobriand Islands is the most significant part of their lifestyle. They grow yams for survival purposes and also for cultural and ritualistic reasons. Every village and family must have a garden of yams. Yams harvests are culturally celebrated during Milamala yam festivals annually.

Iconic Attractions - Trobriand Yam House Source: Modakula Kunuyobu - MBTB

Trobriand Yam House

Iconic Attractions

The highly decorated yam house of the Trobriand Islands usually belongs to Chiefs. Ordinary elders of the village are not allowed to decorate their yam houses. Yam houses are loaded with newly harvested yams during ceremonial celebrations of the Milamala Yam festival.

Popular Events

District: Kiriwina-Goodenough

Kiriwina Cultural Festival

1-2 September 2020 (Tentative)

Formerly seen in the Milamala Yam Festival, experience the intriguing culture and traditions of the Islands of Love on Kiriwina Island in the Trobriand Islands.

Trobriand Cricket


The cricket sport and dance is commonly performed by men. It was introduced by Missionaries when they first arrived in Kiriwina. In the middle of the last century, women began to play cricket. Every cricket competition is hosted as “Kayasa” by the chief of a village and neighboring villages are invited to participate. After the cricket game, the hosting party provides an appreciation of food.

Milamala Yam Festival/ Kiriwina Cultural Festival

1-2 September 2020 (Tentative)

See the intriguing culture and traditions of the Islands of Love on Kiriwina Island in the Trobriand Islands.

Trobriand Cricket Sport


The cricket sport and dance is commonly performed by men only since 1950s. It was introduced by Missionaries when they first arrived in Kiriwina. In the middle of the century, women began to play cricket. Every cricket competition is hosted “Kayasa” by chief of a village and neighbouring villages are invited to participate. After the cricket, the hosting party gives an appreciation of food.


Top Natural Wonders

District: Kiriwina-Goodenough

Iconic Attractions - Obulaku Sun Set View Point Source: Modakula Kunuyobu - MBTB

Obulaku Sunset View Point

Top Natural Wonders

The south coast of Obulaku Village provides a unique spot to gaze at the peaceful scenery over the sea as the sun sets over the islands in the west. 

Iconic Attractions - Wawela Cave Water Source: Max

Wawela Cave Water

Top Natural Wonders

The locals believe that if you drink the drops of water issuing from this rocky water source, your wishes will be granted!

Iconic Attractions - Obulaku Cave Water Source: Max

Obulaku Freshwater Cave

Top Natural Wonders

The locals mainly use this cave for the supply of fresh water. They use steps to reach the bottom of the cave to fetch water.

Iconic Attractions - Mt Madawa Source: Ricky Jeremiah

Mount Madawa'a

Top Natural Wonders

Mount Madawa'a is located in Goodenough Island. Tourists have been visiting the island for a long time and climbing Mount Madawa'a. Wali Village Guest House, located at the foot of Mount Madawa'a, facilitates all Mountain Climbers who are challenged to climb Mt Madawa'a (2536 m (8320 ft) ASL). Mt Madawa'a has been an intriguing climb for climbers from Europe to the USA, Canada, Australia, and Asia. The Tour Guide is Kebowa at Walitavitavi village.

Mt Madawa'a is the home of the rare mountain wallaby and a host of flora and fauna that has been a major attraction for mountain climbers.

How to Get There

You can fly to Alotau from Port Moresby via Air Niugini and PNG Air. Both airlines operate daily flights (twice on Fridays) from Jacksons International Airport (POM) in Port Moresby to Gurney Airport (GUR), about 20 minutes from Alotau Town, the gateway to the rest of Milne Bay Province.

From Alotau Town, you can fly to Losuia (LSA) on Kiriwina Island (Trobriand Islands) via PNG Air. These flights are not frequent so please check the PNG Air online schedule. There are some roads on Kiriwina Island, but all other destinations within Kiriwina-Goodenough District are accessible only by sea. Goodenough Island is only accessible by sea, as Vivigani Airstrip on the island is not operational at present. 

Please engage with any tour operators or accommodation providers from Kiriwina-Goodenough District on our Tourism Services Directory to get the best advice on how to make the trip to your preferred location.