Welcome to the Milne Bay Province official tourism website.

Milne Bay Province has some unique and diverse cultures found in the world today. These are displayed annually in festivals and events, some of which are listed below.


Annual women weavers festival

Women Weavers of Milne Bay

10-11 June 2020

The WWOMB event is an annual two-day show hosted in Alotau to showcase the traditional weaving skills of rural women, and a fashion night featuring contemporary fashion designs based on traditional themes. 




28-30 August 2020

BouFest is a fundraising event for the Bou Resources Development Cooperative Society Ltd first held successfully in September 2019. It is an agrotourism event involving Bou Village and surrounding villages, 20 minutes' drive east from Alotau Town along the newly-sealed East Cape Highway. 


Milamila yam festival

Kiriwina Cultural Festival

1-2 September 2020 (Tentative)

The Kiriwina Cultural Festival will be held in early September 2020. June to August is the normal harvesting season for yams in the Trobriand Islands, and this date would coincide with the last period of the harvesting season. The cultural festival will be a combined event for Kiriwina Island and surrounding islands and will be the first time in a few years for a large amalgamated cultural event to be held in Kiriwina after the Milamala Yam Festival ceased due to challenges. 


Didibon Mini Show

Dinibon Mini Show

1 September 2020

Join the local people of Weraura and surrounding villages to celebrate their culture in September 2020. This three-day show celebrates Weraura culture, tradition, and values as they are passed down to the next generation. 


Goldies bird watching

Goldie's Esa'ala Creative Festival

16-17 October 2020

Goldie's Esa’ala Creative Festival is an annual event that features the famous Goldie's Bird of Paradise and the indigenous cultural heritage of the people of Esa'ala District. Event details for 2020 will be confirmed soon. 


Doi Mini Show

Doi Mini Show

1-3 October 2020

Held in Guasopa Station, Woodlark Island, this mini-show is held to revive long-forgotten traditions and customs. This new cultural event is not to be missed and makes for a great journey out to the islands for true cultural immersion. 


The Huhu War Canoe - Annual Festival

Huhu War Canoe Festival

24-25 October 2020

On 24-25 October 2020, the annual two-day Huhu War Canoe Festival will take place again in Maiwara Village, near Alotau Town, showcasing the fascinating culture of the Huhu War Canoes unique to the mainland bay area of Milne Bay Province.


Annual national kundu and kenu festival

The National Kenu & Kundu Festival

Deferred to 2021

The iconic annual National Kenu & Kundu Festival in Alotau Town showcases some very unique canoe cultures of Milne Bay Province, together with a smorgasbord of traditional dancing and cultural exchanges. This three-day annual national event was established in 2003 and has been attended by thousands of people including foreign tourists.