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East Cape - Popular Destinations

East Cape (Kehelala)

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East Cape (Kehelala), the eastern-most tip of Papua New Guinea, is only an hour’s drive east from Alotau town! Enjoy the panoramic view of islands towards the China Straits, and the big islands of Normanby and Fergusson to the northeast. 

Hike, snorkel or dive along the coast, visit the local market, or see the grave of the first Fijian Missionary to the area.

Samarai Islands - Popular Destinations

Samarai and Kwato Islands

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Samarai Island is the former administrative capital of Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. Located off the south-eastern tip of New Guinea in the China Straits, the island is historically significant as the site of a busy trading port and stop-over between Australia and East Asia during the greater part of the 1900s. 

Today little is left of the town which covered Samarai Island, which was it was destroyed during WW2 to prevent the Japenese from gaining a foothold there. In 2006, the island was declared a National Historical Heritage Island by the Papua New Guinea Government.

The birthplace of the Kwato Church, Kwato Island is two to three kilometers west of Samarai Island.  In 1891, Reverend Charles William Abel and his wife, Beatrice founded the non-hierarchical church on this island, which boasted the first technical school for indigenous people in PNG, among many other historic accolades. 

Louisiade Islands - Popular Destinations

Louisiade Archipelago

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The Louisiade Archipelago is a string of ten larger volcanic islands frequently fringed by coral reefs, and 90 smaller coral islands in Papua New Guinea.

There are over 300 islands in this archipelago, which is home to a number of endemic species, including several endemic trees, as well as five endemic frog species, two endemic lizard species, and five endemic bird species.

The islands and reefs of the Louisiade Archipelago are some of the richest marine biodiversity areas in the Province.

Trobriand Islands - Popular Destinations

Trobriand Islands

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The Trobriand Islands are a 450-square-kilometre archipelago of coral atolls off the east coast of New Guinea. They are part of the nation of Papua New Guinea and are in Milne Bay Province. These islands not only have a unique culture but deep fresh water caves and breathtaking beaches.

Cruise Ship Ports - Popular Destinations

Cruise Ship Ports

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Milne Bay Province currently has four (4) cruise ship ports of call that host large cruise ships visiting the province. These are Alotau Town, Conflict Islands, Kitava Island, and Kaibola on Kiriwina Island. Visits to Doini Island have resumed in 2020 and bigger ships are also visiting Samarai Island this year. 

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