We cater for tourists and visitors to Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea; this includes facilitating tourism development and promotion for the province.


The Milne Bay Tourism Bureau (MBTB) was first established in 1988 to facilitate tourism development and promotion for Milne Bay Province (MBP). In 2001, the Milne Bay Tourism Bureau Board and the current version of the MBTB were established by law under the Milne Bay Tourism Bureau Act (2001)

The MBTB is tasked with developing and managing the provincial tourism industry and is supported by an annual operational grant from the Milne Bay Provincial Government (MBPG). The MBTB is located in Alotau town in the Media Centre Building and currently has four (4) staff.

For more information, you can download a profile of the Bureau here


“Milne Bay Province as a premier vibrant, sustainable, accessible, and community-driven ecotourism hub in PNG and the Asia-Pacific region.”

To develop Milne Bay Province as a premier national and global ecotourism destination providing a unique and memorable tropical and cultural experience to visitors while enhancing the economic well-being of local communities, protecting the environment and securing the natural and cultural values. And a place where ecotourism is viewed as a tool for sustainable development of the province and country. 


"A functioning tourism authority that develops, promotes, protects, and manages the Milne Bay tourism industry, in collaboration with tourism-ready communities and businesses."


According to Section 6 of the Milne Bay Tourism Bureau Act 2001, the functions of the Bureau are, in accordance with any directives of the Provincial Executive Council through the Board on development objectives and policies:

1. Tourism Policy
To institutionalize the sustainable development of a customized nature-based tourism policy in Milne Bay Province.